Watch This Playful Dog Encounter a Friendly Pod of Dolphins at the Beach

Humans have been delighted by dolphins long before Flipper made them cool. Thankfully, the feeling seems to be reciprocal, as dolphins appear to be equally interested in not just us but our furry best friends as well!

While meetings between dogs and dolphins are understandably rare-at least, outside captivity anyway-this video shows just how playful the interactions can get when they do occur.

Filmed by 31-year-old Anastasia Vinnikova on a beach near Opuk Cape, Crimea, the video shows a small pod of dolphins making its way close to the beach, where they meet Vinnikova's 2-year-old dog, Patrick. While the dolphins appear to be delighted by the encounter, swimming in tight circles and keeping the pupper in view, Patrick seems to be out of his mind with joy, engaging in a spirited game of chase up and down the beach.

In addition to a well-earned reputation as "man's best friend," dogs have been long known for their interest in other animals. Even cats, despite their aloof reputation, have been known to sidle outside their own species for a little playtime. But that's all furry, land-based fun. Why would dogs and dolphins appear to be so interested in one another, despite being so different?

Turns out, those big differences might just be the reason.

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"When they come across something novel, they want to check it out," Professor Lars Bejder from the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit told 9NEWS when asked about a similar interaction back in 2017.

Dolphins and dogs are both intelligent, curious animals. So when they're confronted with something they might never have seen before, that curiosity takes over. And when the New Thing You're Looking At turns out to be a Fun Thing Looking At You, Too, a little playtime might just be in order.

Add it all together, and this video ticks all the right boxes. Incredible sea creature? Check. Fun-loving pupper? Check! It's a fascinating look into the animal world and an adorable inter-species play date. What more could you need?

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