Traveling with Babies and Toddlers Just Got Easier

Bebe Voyage, an online community of globetrotting parents, has just launched a new series of geotagged, family-friendly trails in cities around the world for those traveling with babies and toddlers in tow.

The new offering, Bebe Voyage Trails, are “tours you can do with a baby in a day,” states the website.

“After three years of listening to the over 10,000 members in the Club, the Bébé Voyage Team identified that one of the greatest needs its community has is knowing what to do when you arrive in a new city with babies and toddlers in tow,” the company said in a statement.

Thus far, the trails have been created for seven major cities: Paris, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Stockholm, and Reykjavik.

Local ambassadors, including moms and dads who like to explore and share their travel hacks, were enlisted to help create the trails.

Bébé Voyage Trails not only offer concrete family-friendly ideas, but they also help users plan their day to the last detail.

“They make visiting families with children feel like a friend is walking them around their city, offering insider tips and showing off their favorite places,” the company said. “Before heading out on the trail, users know whether the trail is stroller-friendly, what their budget should be, whether they will need to book ahead, a sense of timing, what weather to take the trail on, and anything else they might need to know ahead of time, making traveling that much easier.”

The initial launch includes 18 trails across seven cities for curious, adventurous families.

“Why do we think families traveling with toddlers will like this new feature?” said Juliet Perrachon, Bébé Voyage president and co-founder. “So many of the questions that come up in Club Bébé Voyage revolve around how families can realistically plan a day in a foreign city. Our trails do just that — they give you one day in a city created by a local parent spelling out everything you need to know.”

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