Travel horror as passenger declined the seat he ‘deserved’ on plane

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A passenger took to the online forum Reddit to share his awful travel story where no one gave up their window seat on the plane even though he “deserved” it. Joining a social media debate on whether people should give up their seats for parents with babies, the furious man criticised the passengers on his flight who refused to swap seats.

The man explained that on a recent flight, he ended up with “a seat he didn’t want” because of a reported error during booking.

As soon as he boarded the plane, he tried to get the passengers sitting by the window to move but they just gave him “seriously angry looks”.

He explained: “I’m on a plane but I wanted a window seat and so I asked the person who had the window seat, whether I could have it.

“He wouldn’t allow it and I couldn’t believe it, I tried paying for a window seat but something went wrong, and I had a seat which I didn’t want.”

The passenger claimed that “it was the companies’ fault for messing up the seating situation” so he thought he “deserved a window seat”.

“I complained and the guy sitting next to the window wouldn’t budge, and I know other people in the aeroplane were giving me serious angry looks but I didn’t give a s***.”

The man tried complaining to the flight attendants who kept telling him “to sit down at my seat”.

“I kept complaining about how it was the company’s fault for messing up the seating system, as I booked a window seat.

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“They didn’t give a s*** and I kept demanding that they give me the window seat of my choice and I can tell everyone on the aeroplane were preferring a baby crying compared to a grown man complaining.”

The man kept moaning during the whole duration of the flight until the passenger next to him became “angry”.

“I kept asking the guy whether he could just swap seats with me and he kept saying no, and so I kept asking.

“At one point he became angry and I just started smiling. Then I kept on asking whether he could just swap seats with me consistently, and I knew I was getting to him.”

Plane fights over seats are very common with a passenger recently reporting he was sat between a couple who refused to move and “didn’t talk” for the entire flight.

“Just boarded a flight and I’m sat with a couple and their baby, but the husband refused to give up his aisle seat so I’m now just… in the middle of them?”

Another passenger, @jfoster2019, said: “Obviously hoped the middle seat wouldn’t be sold so could stretch out with baby…

“So pretty poor show by him, frankly! Any chance of moving or is it completely chockablock.”

Traveller @NeilJensen87 shared his experience saying: “Yeah I had this too. Dad would need the aisle seat for his fear of flying and would need to pace up and down at times throughout the flight.

“For me though… it was window seat or I’m staying home. Sorry for past middle seaters affected…”

Another one, @DWoodersonLIVIN, explained: “I’ve had this quite a few times with being stuck between couples. Always wonder if they do it because they hope the centre seat won’t be sold?

“Been asked to wake up someone’s partner before to ask for food and was then stuck in the middle of an argument as to who should pay!”

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