Travel hack to get free Business Class lounge access whenever you fly

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Travel influencers have usually well and truly hacked the entire experience. From getting cheap tickets to bagging the best seats, there is an art to flying well on a budget.

One such set of travel experts is the family behind TikTok account @worldtraveladventurers, who dub themselves “luxury family travel hackers’. The content creators have amassed a huge 389K followers and 5.2M “likes” on their videos detailing their travel advice.

In one video they answered a fan question, how can you access premium airport lounges without flying Business Class? The family detailed was to access the lounge cheaply and one method to access the lounge for free whenever you fly.

They said: “For a few dollars you can get access to Business Class lounges. You don’t have to fly Business Class to get access to Business Class and other premium airport lounges.”

So, how can you enjoy the lounge cheaply? The experts said: “There are actually a lot of different ways to that you can get access. You could buy just a one-time pass at the lounge itself.

There are ways to pay a little to enter the lounge at many airports. The content creators said: “You can use an app called Lounge Buddy to purchase a pass in advance, and a lot of time it will be cheaper that way.”

LoungeBuddy offers airport lounge access worldwide starting at £20. Prices at the lounges differ, some including free drinks, food and access to showers. The website also offers pictures and reviews of the lounges.

Next up, the experts said: “There are also lounge memberships. Priority Pass is a really big one that has over 600 lounges nationwide that you can get access to by just paying an annual membership.”

Priority Pass offers various plans, starting at £69 a year. The experts went on: “Now this membership is included free with quite a few travel credit cards.”

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Travel credit cards offer a host of rewards, including points that can be used for discounted flights.

Being a loyal customer is another way to get free lounge access. Having a membership with an airline and travelling with them frequently will make you a priority traveller, and come with rewards. The expert said: “Another way is by having elite status with an airline.”

Upgrades for luxury travel always improve the experience, and another blogger has detailed how to get a free hotel upgrade. 

Jessie runs the blog and Instagram account Pocket Wanderings. She shares her top tips and trick to take your travel experiences to the next level.

If you’re jetting off for a special occasion, Jessie says letting your hotel know about it might just benefit you.

She said: “There will often be the option to add a booking note at the time of booking, so you can do it in a more subtle way than emailing them directly.”

“I’d also use a bit of a creative licence here,” she told “Perhaps you’re travelling the week after your birthday. Although it may not be a birthday trip per se, you could easily make it one!”

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