Best method to pack a suitcase according to a flight attendant

Best way to pack a suitcase according to a flight attendant

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With strict airline rules on luggage allowance, it is important holidaymakers know the best way to pack their suitcases in order to save time but also money by avoiding luggage fees. Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz exclusively shared with his best packing tips, and I put them into practice.

Miguel said that “it’s very important to only take the clothes you actually need” as holidaymakers often realise after a trip that they didn’t wear half of the clothes they packed.

For this, organisation is key and planning the outfits you are going to wear is a very effective way to save space in your suitcase.

The flight attendant warned: “Don’t make the mistake of bringing two of each ‘just in case'” and added that “one pair of flip flops is enough”.

“In the unlikely event you lose one, you can always get new ones at your destination. Perhaps bring one pair of flip flops that you can use for everything: to go to the beach, to the swimming pool, to have showers, to go for a walk etc,” Miguel added.

I followed his advice and I only packed a pair of nice flip flops for my beach holiday that I can use at different times of the day.

In terms of toiletries, “only carry the essentials,” the flight attendant advised, such as toothpaste, deodorant, hair gel and sunscreen. “You don’t need two perfumes! And of course, always in the small travel size,” he added.

I did that and I only packed toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, a couple of make-up essentials and face wipes.

To pack the rest of the items, Miguel recommended using “clothes pouches” as “the best way to pack your clothes”.

“It may seem silly but you can fit more clothes in your suitcase than without these. It’s better than vacuum packing.

“Vacuum packing is a big mistake because you can do that on the way there, but probably you won’t have a vacuum to use at your destination to pack for your way back. Clothes pouches are so much better!” he explained.

Although travel pouches, also known as packing cubes, are very affordable and can be purchased on Amazon, I didn’t have any so I tried an alternative method.

The “folding” method is a very popular hack online and a social media user and traveller explained that you have to start by folding your clothes in a sort of “pile”.

They said: “I lay the first item on the bed or floor. Then I lay the next item rotated 90 degrees on top of that.

“I keep rotating 90 degrees and layering until I have everything in a pile. I finish with my underwear and socks on top in the middle. Then I fold all four corners and shove it in my suitcase.”

I tried this and I was impressed with the result as I could carry more, plus this packing method is supposed to prevent wrinkles.

Miguel added that travellers should avoid placing big items, such as coats or jumpers, in their suitcase and that they should wear them on the plane instead.

“I always wear the biggest jumper and carry the coat with me on the plane, so I have that extra space in the suitcase. Jeans also take up a lot of space so I recommend always wearing them when travelling and only taking one pair with you.

“If you need to bring boots on your trip, wear these when travelling instead of packing them.”

I followed his recommendation and I’m now heading to the airport wearing jeans, my jumper and a pair of trainers.

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