Travel expert warns British tourists against trying plane seating tip

Ever tried to beat airline seating restrictions? A travel expert has warned Britons against a hack that’s gone viral on social media platforms such as TikTok.

The majority of budget airlines charge tourists to pick a seat. This means if tourists don’t want to pay, they might not get to sit together.

A hack that’s gone viral on TikTok suggests tourists can book the aisle and window seat if they want extra room.

The hack relies on no one wanting to book the middle seat, leaving the passengers with an extra seat and more room to spread out.

However, a travel expert has said the hack is unlikely to work and Britons shouldn’t bother with it.

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Michael Corrigan, founder and CEO at Trtl, said: “While this is a nice idea, this is highly unlikely to work.

“The first major hurdle is that many long haul flights are fully booked, so staff will simply direct passengers with unassigned seats to the one between you and your travel partner.

“And on those less busy flights? Many travel providers won’t let you book seats like this, their online booking platforms restrict it.”

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Many flights are fully booked so there’s unlikely to be spare middle seats for passengers to store their stuff.

Michael said: “If you really want that extra space, you can book the seat in the middle too.

“However, don’t expect to be particularly popular, you’ll get extra room at the expense of other potential passengers.”

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