Tourist sparks ‘plane etiquette row’ by slamming passengers rushing off flight

A tourist has sparked a fierce debate online after she slammed her fellow plane passengers' lack of "airplane etiquette".

Mikayla shared her travel pet peeve as she flew from Boston to Florida in US.

In the clip, seen more than 2.4 million times, she shamed the passengers for failing to exit the plane row by row.

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She wrote: "Since when did airplane etiquette of getting off the plane row by row end?"

The video saw her remaining seated with her friend after they landed.

Next to them stood a line of people in the aisle, blocking their seats and waiting to disembark the plane.

Mikayla's friend shook her head in disappointment and she panned the camera back and did the same.

"Aren't we all going to the same place?" she added in the caption, hinting her frustration to people who rushed to get off.

Some viewers shared their opinion in the comments.

One fumed: "Most people never even knew there’s an etiquette and it’s ridiculous. I hate it.

"They stand next to you for what seems like hours and they smell."

"It's always been by class. First on first off. Last on last off as always since all stand up at the same time there's no where to go until the line starts," a person commented.

A second explained they could be standing up to stretch their legs, adding: "I always stand first and then wait my turn in my seat area."

Others suggested the tourists could be in a rush to catch their next flight.

"Some people have a 30 minute or less connection so it seems they should be able to exit first," one said.

Many said if they were sitting by the aisle, they would stand up as soon as the plane landed, however, some said they would block the people behind from leaving first.

"I am the guy that stands as soon as we land. And I stay there until the seats in my row empty out and then I go," another wrote.

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