Tourist gobsmacked after realising Swiss locals ‘float’ to work in the summer

A travel blogger has left viewers stunned by sharing how people in Switzerland commute to work.

Alexa has been sharing her travel journeys on TikTok and a recent trip to the medieval town in Basel stuck with her after noticing the surprise mode of transport.

She explained: "My favourite thing to do in Basel, Switzerland – everyone has a dry bag called the wicklefisch, it's in a shape of a fish to store their stuff.

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"Before work or after work – adults, children, or dogs, everyone floats down the Rhine because the current is so strong.

"It was so much fun."

Alexa said there are showers and toilets provided along the river route and locals use it as "transport" to get from one point to another.

And it's not just in Basel that locals "float" to work. TikToker Simona Rakauskait, who recently relocated to Bern in Switzerland, also witnessed the strange scenes.

She said people put their clothes and personal belongings in the waterproof dry bag and change to swimsuits before getting into the water.

"Floating is the term I've been introduced to here. Once you get in the water, you just let the current carry you," Simona explained.

Most viewers found the concept weird and confusing.

"I'm still trying to wrap this around my brain. Why hasn't the world found this out before?" one asked.

A second wondered: "How do you get back home then? I'm assuming you have to swim against the current?"

And a third noted: "Imagine doing that in the Thames – you'd never be seen again."

Both Simona and Alexa said people will have to either walk or talk transport back home and they believe it only works in summer time due to the hot weather.


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