Signs you need a holiday according to an expert – including trouble sleeping

Many of us are debating whether we should spend money on another holiday this year – especially as prices seem to be rising.

If you have some spare cash you're probably wondering whether to spend it on going abroad or whether you should pop it in your savings account.

Now, with the cost-of-living crisis in full swing it's always best to have some money to fall back on in case of an emergency.

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However, if you already have a financial cushion then it's not unreasonable to want to spend your extra money on a break away.

It can improve your mood and bank you some much-needed sun ahead of the long winter.

Dr. Anthony Webb, aka 'The Brain Whisperer' commented: “By taking time out to allow ourselves to be refreshed from within, enables the body to remove itself from the daily 24/7 high demand lifestyle that many of us suffer.

"We are jumping from one crisis to another and not giving ourselves a chance to heal properly.

"Having regular breaks and timeouts, lets our bodily functions restabilise into homeostasis which is the default mechanism that we are designed to thrive in. It does this by reducing the inbuilt stress reactions of Flight/Flight or Freeze”.

The travel experts at ParkSleepFly, have compiled their top signs to look out for to suggest that you are in need of a holiday…

You’re always losing your temper

If you’re finding yourself constantly stressed out and seem to be making a bigger deal out of problems you could usually solve with ease, then you might be in need of a holiday. Some time away will typically help you to cool down, whilst providing you with the opportunity to come back with a clear head, ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

You’re making unhealthy choices

Stress can be associated with tiredness, which often comes with a lack of motivation. This can also lead to making less healthy dietary choices, for example, not sticking to your meal plans. You may even form the habit of spending too much time on your phone which can likewise come from a lack of motivation. If you begin to notice these unhealthy routines, then consider booking some time away.

You’re making mistakes

If your brain continuously feels as though it's going at a million miles an hour and you’re finding it hard to focus, it can become a lot easier to make frequent mistakes, including ones that are out of character for you. If you’re finding this is the case at work, then speak to your manager to request some time off so you can reset and return with your best foot forward.

You can’t sleep

Do people in the office keep telling you that you look tired? Are you finding yourself taking hour-long naps in the afternoon? Are you struggling to sleep at night? If you are answering yes to these questions, this is your body telling you that you need to make a change and look after yourself. A holiday is a perfect medicine to rejuvenate and get back to a more regular sleep schedule.

You’re neglecting your personal life

It might feel like all you do is work, and this is not a good thing. If you find yourself regularly missing family gatherings and canceling on friends, then you may need to re-think your work-life balance and take time to reset. It’s important that your identity doesn’t become wrapped up in your work and you can remember who the ‘real you’ is.

You’ve got ‘holiday envy’ – and it shows

If your friend's holiday pics used to bring you joy and inspire you but now they only make you jealous and frustrate you, it might be time to get away. Don’t spend another week gawking over Sally’s iced cosmo on Insta; make those dreams a reality.

You’ve lost your spark

If you're snoozing those alarms more and more often, dreading the Mondays you once looked forward to, and are struggling to 'find the funny' in anything, these are signs that you probably need a holiday. Give yourself time to rediscover your life passions, and the motivation will start coming out of nowhere.

Your last holiday is a distant memory

Do you struggle to remember the last time you got those dust-covered suitcases out for a trip? Are you asking yourself where your last holiday was? Are you constantly dreaming of drinking cocktails on a beach at 2pm? If the answer is yes, then you are in absolute need of a getaway.

Your time off isn’t exciting

If you're not using your time off to do things that excite you and instead are only managing to drag yourself to the sofa, then this is a sign that your energy levels are majorly depleted. You need to make sure you are making the most of the health and wellness benefits from your off time. The simple remedy is a holiday.

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You’re bargaining with yourself

Too often, we tell ourselves to power through until the weekend and resist taking any time off. Many people keep their time off banked away as a safety blanket, but this can often do you more harm than good, as you become worn out. Bite the bullet and take time off when it’s genuinely needed – you’ll thank yourself for it.


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