TikTok fooled us into taking these items travelling: Don't do the same

TikTok fooled us into taking these items travelling – don’t fall into the same trap!

  • Globe trotters listed items you shouldn’t be taking on holiday with you

TikTok travel vloggers and globe-trotting gurus can be extremely handy if you are looking to get to know more about a holiday destination and what to take with you. 

However, with such a wealth of information about what to bring on your travels, it can be tricky to know what you really need to pack. 

From light travellers – who will take only the bare minimum – to those who simply cannot arrive at the airport without packing their entire wardrobe. 

Now, a TikToker has hit out at other content creators on the platform, who they believe are wrongly advising jetsetters to overpack.

Posting to her handle @thetravelteacherx, backpacker Melissa appeared in a clip with her friend, in which they discuss what you don’t need to pack in large quantities. 

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Posting to her handle @thetravelteacherx, an individual named Melissa appeared in a clip with her friend, in which they discuss what you do not need to pack in large quantities.

Her companion begins the video by saying she regretted bringing a large toiletry bag on holiday, as she ‘only needs three things in the shower’, so it would take up unnecessary space in her suitcase. 

Also labelling that item as ‘pointless’, Melissa continued by saying that bringing excessive sanitary products takes up valuable space in your luggage. 

She remarked there was no need to bring ‘a million tampons’, adding that ‘everyone makes out they are so expensive but they only cost a few pounds. 

Clarifying her reasoning for this, Melissa said it was because she ‘had carried that many tampons around that they all got damaged and needed to buy new ones anyway’. 

Shoes were the next item that Melissa claims you should avoid overpacking, stating: ‘Don’t bring too many shoes. You only need a maximum of two pairs’. 

Her next item was one that will provoke debate among many travellers, as Melissa bemoaned those who pack several different outfits. 

The vlogger advised backpackers to ‘only bring basics and stop overpacking’ as ‘if you need stuff, you can buy it at your destination’. 

Finishing off the clip, the pair touched on how much sun cream to bring, as they both came to a consensus that you might need less than you think. 

They said: ‘You do not need crazy amounts. You won’t use it’. 

Melissa added: ‘I only used one bottle of sun cream while in Bali, Thailand and Australia. Take our advice and do not listen to these TikTok gurus’. 

Despite their advice, other users in the comments disagreed on the quantities of sun cream and sanitary products that could be required. 

The pair hit out at other content creators on the platform, who they believe are wrongly advising jetsetters to overpack

One replied: ‘I’d recommend bringing tampons for anyone going to Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam. I found it super difficult to get them there compared to Thailand/Bali!’. 

A second responded: ‘Definitely disagree with the sun cream one. I brought nine bottles for two people and in two months we’ve probably used about three.’

A third added: ‘Half everything you’ve packed & half it again. One thing I learned is to pack what you are comfortable in.’

A fourth wrote: ‘The more you travel the better you get at packing. I took 14 kg the last time I went to Thailand.’ 

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