Flight attendant names worst food to bring onto planes including cooked broccoli

Flight attendants have revealed the most pungent food passengers can bring onto a plane.

Speaking on the Flight Attendant Podcast, host and flight attendant ‘B’ named the three foods she can’t stand to smell when she’s working on board.

She claimed the worst offenders were: “Broccoli, fish and hard boiled eggs.”

Fellow flight attendant and podcast host Uncle J agreed: “Those are the worst actually.”

And there was also another contender added, with B saying: “Kimchi. I love kimchi, but please don’t eat it on the plane.”

The admission that broccoli is one of the worst smelling foods on a plane might come as a surprise to many, but Uncle J explained the problem.

“When you open the container the broccoli is in, if it’s cooked, oh my God, I want to barf.

“There’s something about the smell of cooked broccoli that’s been sitting in a bag or a container you open is not pleasant at all.

“I think I can handle the egg because I can immediately know what the egg is. But with broccoli it’s like, ‘is it bad? Is it okay?”

And if passengers think they can get away with using cooked cauliflower as a replacement for broccoli, they should think again.

B emphasised the vegetable has a similar pungency that flight attendants are keen to avoid. “Cooked cauliflower is kind of the same as broccoli,” she stressed.

The podcast’s hosts also revealed their favourite foodstuffs to consume on board.

Uncle J said chilli is his ideal choice: “It’s just so easy… I like that one really freshly done, I just want to sit down and enjoy it.”

This comes as flight attendants have revealed the best ways passengers can get an upgrade to first class – to which not bringing cooked broccoli on board can surely be added to the list.

Their tips included, for instance, dressing to impress in smart clothing before changing down into something more comfortable once a premium seat has been secured.

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