This Tiny Home Folds and Unfolds Like Paper so You Can Take It Anywhere

Tiny houses are all the rage these days, with entire businesses, TV shows, and communities dedicated to the humble abodes. Ikea even started selling its own customized tiny homes late last year. These cozy accommodations come in all shapes and configurations, but just like regular-sized homes, they’re not exactly portable. At least not until now. 

Latvian-based company Brette Haus is selling three different models of tiny homes that fold and unfold almost like paper, making it fairly easy to transport anywhere, Lonely Planet reports. 

Made entirely of sustainable materials, these tiny homes can be set up without needing any permanent foundations. According to Brette Haus, it only takes two people and about three hours to get one of these tiny homes up and ready to go. 

The homes range in size, from 18 to 108 square meters (about 59 to 354 square feet), and come with a living room and bedroom, as well as a kitchen and bathroom that are both equipped with basic furniture. 

According to founder Gennadii Bakunin, all three models are inspired by Scandinavian style and can be shipped all around the world, Lonely Planet reports. The company has sent tiny homes to nearby Switzerland and as far as South Korea. 

“The mission of Brette Haus is to fabricate quality mobile homes, considering that nowadays people are flexible and not attached to only one place,” according to an official company statement. 

The price of a Brette Haus tiny house starts at around €18,000 (or $22,000 USD). Depending on the specific size and design, that price can go up to nearly €50,000 (or $61,216 USD). For more information, check out the Brette Haus official website. 

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