Flight attendant explains why you have to put windows up on take off and landing

We all know that when you board a flight the cabin crew will come round before take off and make sure that the window blinds are all up.

And, you may think you know why that is – various theories are often shared around on departure.

Some think it keeps the pressure in the plane stable while others say that it’s so the crew can see the wings.

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But, it turns out there’s actually a very simple reason behind the airline rule.

On Reddit, a flight attendant was answering questions from passengers.

One person asked: “Why do you always ask to put up the window blinds while taking off or landing?”

To which the cabin crew member noted that the windows must be up for safety reasons.

They wrote: “In case something goes wrong a passenger can see it and alert the flight crew.

“It also has to do with safety. If you crash upon take-off inside a dark plane, the light could be blinding upon evacuating.”


A flight attendant recently explained why you should never wear flip flops on a plane too – and it’s for a similar reason.

Air host Tony Kuna claims holidaymakers should wear sturdy shoes for safety reasons.

He wrote on Quora: “During an emergency, all sorts of debris and unpleasant ground surfaces will block your way towards the exit, as well as outside the aircraft."

“If your feet [aren’t] properly covered, you'll have a hard time making your way to safety.

"Imagine destroying your bare feet as your run down the aisle covered with broken glass, fires and metal shards. Kind of like John McClane in Die Hard, but worse.”


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