The worst country to drive in as a British tourist named – daily car hire £94

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Foreign road trips can be the adventure of a lifetime but British tourists might have to get to grips with some new rules. New research has exposed the worst country for British drivers.

Zutobi’s research judged countries based on several important road factors for British tourists.

Destinations were ranked using the cost of petrol, the average cost to hire a car, road quality, road traffic death rate and more.

The worst country for British tourists on a driving holiday was Israel. Hiring a rental car was extremely expensive at an average cost of £94 per day.

The average price of fuel was also expensive at an average of £1.64 per litre, making Israel a pricey destination for a road trip.

The second worst country for British tourists to drive in was the South American nation of Colombia.

British tourists shouldn’t expect to get anywhere fast in Colombia as the country has a very high congestion level.

Meanwhile, the USA was ranked as the best country in the world for British tourists to drive in.

The USA scored highly when it came to congestion and tourists aren’t likely to spend much time in traffic jams.

The country also scored highly when it came to the number of attractions for road trippers to see.

British tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to road trip routes in the USA. From the Pacific Coast Highway to Route 66, there’s plenty of reason to hit the road.

Tourists looking for the quintessential American road trip experience will want to hit Route 66 for neon signs and Americana kitsch.

The popular route takes tourists all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles with stops at the Meramac Caverns and Santa Monica.

British tourists looking for a European road trip might want to consider the second highest ranked destination, Italy.
The price of hiring a rental car was very reasonable in Italy at an average cost of £20 per day.

Spain was ranked as the third best nation for international drivers and tourists are unlikely to get stuck in traffic in the Mediterranean country.

Spain’s roads were also fairly good quality and were ranked as the third best in Europe, only behind the UK and Portugal.

  • Portugal was ranked as the fourth best country for British drivers with the cost of an average car rental just £28 per day.

    The beautiful country of Slovenia was ranked as the fifth best country for British drivers. The small nation could be the perfect destination for tourists who want a short road trip.

    Romania was the lowest ranked destination for drivers in Europe due to the poor quality of its roads and higher accident rate.

    Best countries for British drivers (Zutobi)

    1. USA
    2. Italy
    3. Spain
    4. Portugal
    5. Slovenia
    6. Worst countries for British drivers (Zutobi)

      1. Israel
      2. Colombia
      3. Brazil
      4. Peru
      5. Romania

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