The rules British tourists need to watch out for in Europe or face hefty fines

Heading on holiday to Europe? There are a few rules British tourists might have to watch out for if they don’t want to be landed with a fine.

British tourists travelling to the EU will need to get their passport stamped when they enter and leave the bloc. They can stay in the EU for a 90 day period out of every 180 days.

Tourists could be fined if they overstay the 90 day period and they could be banned from re-entering the EU in future.

Their passport must have been issued in the last 10 years at the time of entry and must be valid for at least 90 days from the date they intend to leave.

But a few of the continent’s hotspots have their own rules holidaymakers will need to follow.

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British tourists could be asked to prove they have enough money to enjoy their stay, this is roughly around 100 euros (£86.58) per day. They might also be asked to provide evidence of a return flight or their accommodation details.

Despite being home to some of Europe’s hottest party resorts, such as Magaluf and Ibiza, Spain is cracking down on rowdy behaviour. Party boats have been banned in Magaluf and tourists will have to stick to drink limits in some areas of the Balearic islands.

Smoking is banned on several of Spain’s beaches, including all those in Barcelona. Tourists could face heavy fines for breaking this rule.

Seville’s mayor has also announced the city intends to crackdown on hen and stag parties with a ban on lewd outfits worn in the street.

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Italy has suffered from several incidents of British tourists behaving badly. The country has introduced several rules to protect its monuments.

Tourists could be fined for sitting down on Rome’s famous Spanish steps, or eating and drinking in the wrong place.

In 2022, an American tourist was fined 450 euros (£389) for breaking urban decorum laws after he ate an ice-cream on the edge of a historic fountain.

Tourists could also be fined for breaching dress codes and in Sorrento, tourists could face a 500 euro (£432) charge for wearing beach clothes away from the beach.


British tourists will need to be aware of the country’s 12 low emission zones as they could face a fine for branching the rules.

Drivers will need to display a Crit’Air sticker on their windscreen that identifies their vehicle’s emission levels.

Spain has also introduced several low emission zones which tourists will need to be aware of to avoid breaking the rules.

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