The plane seats tourists should always ‘avoid’

Booking the ideal seat on a flight can be a challenge. Travel expert, Anton Radchenko from AirAdvisor, shared the seats British tourists will always want to “avoid”.

The back of the plane

Anton said: “Seats at the back of the plane are not as smooth. You will feel the turbulence more, and it is typically louder due to the plane’s engines and auxiliary power near the back.”

On most planes, the extra legroom seats are at the front of the plane so passengers at the back won’t have any room to stretch.

If the plane only disembarks passengers from the front door, travellers seated at the back will be the last to be let off

However, on the other hand, if the plane opens both sets of doors, tourists at the back could be let off first.

Seats near the galley

The plane galley is the small area on the aircraft where crew store and prepare the food and drink.

Anton said: “The galley can be in the front, back, or middle of the aircraft and is louder because it is where the flight crews stay during the flight. Those can be incredibly frustrating during long flights or red-eyes.”

Crew will need to use the galley frequently on a long haul flight and passengers may be woken by the noise.

Other passengers may also approach the galley to ask crew questions which could be very irritating for the travellers seated nearby.

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Seats by the toilet

Anton said: “Seats by the toilet are usually louder due to people standing around, the toilet flushing, and are bright and smelly.”

On a longer flight, a queue may build up to use the toilet which could disturb the passengers seated nearby.

The area by the toilet could also be smelly which can make a flight very unpleasant for close by passengers.

In 2015, a British Airways plane had to turn around and return to Heathrow after a passenger did a particularly smelly poo.

Exit rows

The emergency exit row on a plane usually has extra legroom, but the passenger will need to be responsible for opening the door in an emergency.

Anton said: “Exit rows are great for extra legroom but at the cost of losing the ability to recline your seat and store your belongings by your feet.”

Passengers can’t keep any bags under the seat in front which could create an obstacle in an emergency.

Only adults are allowed to sit in the emergency exit row due to the responsibilities that come with the seat.

Recently, several seat incidents have gone viral on social media. Usually, the disgruntled person has been asked to switch seats with a family.

While some people might be happy to swap seats so a family can sit together, others have chosen their own seat for a specific reason.

Budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair won’t let passengers choose a seat for free so they’ll have to wait for check-in.

Some travel experts recommend choosing an aisle and window seat as a couple to see if the middle seat stays empty.

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