‘I tried a flight attendant’s clever packing technique and it worked’

Daily Express demonstrates ‘the best suitcase packing technique’

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz revealed that the clever technique is the best way to pack for a holiday in order to save time, and recommended it to those travellers who hate folding clothes before a trip. The unique method consists of simply “keeping all the clothes in your wardrobe and drawers the same way you would place them in your suitcase”.

Miguel said: “Trust me, this is the best method and the most convenient for me as a flight attendant to save time.”

To do this, the folding method is key and Miguel recommended folding the clothes into “little cubes or squares” so they don’t take “too much space”.

“But depending on how big is the drawer I would fold them in rectangles, for example,” he explained.

If travellers always keep the clothes in squares or rectangles, they “just have to grab them and place them in the suitcase, without having to do anything else” when going on holiday.

I decided to try out this method before heading on my next trip, and for the last couple of weeks every time I did my laundry, I made sure I folded all my clothes into squares or rectangles and kept them that way in my drawers.

I folded T-shirts and jumpers into little squares but opted for rectangles when it came to jeans and thicker items of clothing.

When I had to pack the suitcase for my holiday, all my clothes were ready to go. I just had to grab them and place them in my bag, no folding needed, which saved me so much time.

Flight attendant Miguel said that “this is the quickest way” to pack as it saves you time when preparing for the trip and also when unpacking, and I can say that it certainly worked for me.

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“When you get used to it, it becomes the quickest method – it’s life-changing,” said the flight attendant, and I’ll definitely keep doing this so my clothes are always “suitcase ready” every time I travel.

Travel experts at Eaglecreek shared how to fold a T-shirt into a perfect square or rectangle:

  • Lay your shirt on a flat surface and smooth out the garment, eliminating wrinkles and folds and making all of the hems meet.
  • Fold the sleeves inward along with an inch or two of fabric down the length of the top.
  • Then lift the bottom of the shirt and make it meet the top of the shirt so you now have a neat rectangle. Aim to fold all of your shirts into a similar sized rectangle. Stack the shirts and place neatly into your suitcase.

But this is not the only folding method out there, and holidaymakers can also use the “rolling technique”, one of the most popular methods as it saves so much space.

Experts at the travel blog Goingawesomeplaces explained that “when you roll your clothes in tight bunches, you can fit in more”.

It is also a wrinkle-free technique: “Rolling means there are no mid-torso or mid-leg fold lines because you’ve rolled it all the way up.”

It can help keep your clothes organised, not only in the suitcase but also in the wardrobe and drawers.

Best way to roll a T-shirt according to the travel experts:

  • Lay your shirt flat, flip the bottom up two-three inches inside out and make sure everything is smooth.
  • Fold a third inwards and fold the sleeve back over itself.
  • Do the same thing to the other side of the shirt. When you’re done, rotate the shirt around 180 degrees.
  • Starting from the collar, roll your shirt as tightly as you can until you get to where you flipped the bottom inside out. Use this part as to secure your roll as you tuck it in.

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