The best and worst airline food of 2018 revealed: Diet expert rates the on-board food of major airlines

The airlines that offer the healthiest food on board have been revealed by a diet expert.

Each year Dr Charles Platkin, a lecturer at the City University of New York School of Public Health, analyses the snacks and meals on offer by 11 US and Canadian carriers and offers a breakdown of nutritional value and calories.

And this year, the food served on Alaska Airlines is rated the best, while Frontier Air is deemed to have the worst offering.

The Annual Airline Food Investigation for 2018 is published on Dr Platkin’s website,, and each carrier is rated out of five.

Alaska Airlines scores 4.25 out of five and is praised for developing ‘lighter, better and healthier’ snacks and meals.

The average overall calorie count (including meals, snack boxes and individual snacks) on an Alaska Airlines flight is 404.

Coming in second place is last year’s joint winner Delta, scoring 3.75 out of five and offering meals with an average of 499 calories.

Dr Platkin noted that Delta’s free offerings are generally low in calories but urged the airline to display more nutritional information about food items on its website.

Other airlines to rank highly include Jet Blue, which scores 3.55, Air Canada (3.45) and American Airlines (3).

However, at the other end of table, Southwest Airlines fares badly, scoring just 1.6, while Spirit Airlines scores 1.1.

Coming rock bottom is Frontier Air, with a score of 0.85. That earns it the ‘Shame on You’ award.

For Spirit Airlines, Dr Platkin says it should start offering healthy snacks on board. He says the best bet for a satisfying snack is the airline’s quinoa with artichoke and roasted peppers.

Frontier Air, 0.85 stars, 372 calories

Frontier Air’s 2018 menu has remained the same since 2017 and Dr Platkin said the airline did not share much information about its menu’s nutritional values. He added that the trail mix was the healthiest thing to purchase but passengers are better off bringing their own food.

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