Teen Fakes Own Kidnapping to Use Ransom Money For a Vacation

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Raising funds for vacation can be difficult and there are tons of articles on creative and ingenious ways to save money for your dream trip. The one thing that’s not in those articles? Faking your own kidnapping to use ransom money to take a vacation.

Four boys in Faridabad, India, faked a kidnapping with the intent to use ransom money to go on vacation.

The mastermind behind the kidnapping was a 17-year-old teenager. He drafted a plan to kidnap himself and ask his parents for a ransom of Rs 4 lakh, or $400,000 USD.

Kidnapped man in handcuffs: Man handcuffed in a chair. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / FOTOKITA)

On Wednesday evening, the 17-year-old went missing. He and his three friends sent the ransom note to his father via a message from his phone.

The 17-year-old and his three friends left for Delhi and called his father, a jeweler, several times asking him to drop off the cash at different locations in Delhi and Noida. While the boys were in a hotel in Delhi, the father arrived at each location but nobody was there.

The boys were arrested on Saturday after the police discovered them on CCTV footage at several metro stations. The teens told the police that they were too scared to collect the money.

While it was a “creative” idea, the teens will not be going on vacation anytime soon. Instead, we imagine they’ll be grounded for quite a long time.

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