Cruise guest complains about ‘out of control’ child

Family friendly cruise companies are designed to be suitable for children. However, some passengers aren’t happy about the ships’ younger guests.

A cruise guest asked Reddit users whether they could let their nine year old children wander the ship alone.

They said: “I was wondering, do folks let their kids kind of roam free? Just thinking it would be good for him to practice a little independence with pretty low risk.”

Another person said: “I think it’s a bit young to go full solo on a cruise. Adults get lost on the cruise all the time.

“The problem is it can take 20 minutes to walk from one side of the ship to the other. If an emergency occurs, or even a simple temper tantrum, how would you know?

“It puts the burden on other cruise guests to look out for your child as well. And also just general manners about being around others.

“If I am enjoying my afternoon and a child is being ‘rude’ or simply ‘childish’, where are the adults to come in and teach that child basic manners and etiquette?”

Mega cruise ships are very big and could have as many as 20 different decks packed with activities.

It could be easy for a child to get lost on a cruise ship and their parents might not be able to find them if there’s a problem.

The second guest added: “Last cruise I went on there was a child running around the hallways alone banging and kicking on the doors.

“I paid $3,000 (£2,506) for my cruise, I don’t want some out of control child disturbing me because the parents can’t be bothered.”

Children could irritate other passengers if they are left to explore the ship alone. If children are a big concern for guests, they could book a cruise with an over 18s line.

Many cruises are designed for adults only and these could be more suitable for people who prefer peace and quiet. 

Another person said: “There’s too many variables for something to go wrong. A kids club is great, just send them there.

“Or they can roam with their friend for an hour and meet back. But I wouldn’t give them free rein.”

Many cruise companies have a kids club where children take part in various activities under supervision.

Parents will know their child is safe with the kids club, leaving them time to relax and visit the spa or another adult area.

One guest said: “Remember ships have a cross section of people from your extended neighbourhood.

“Would you let your child wander around at home or the mall? While 95 percent of passengers may be great people, there are a few creepy drunks onboard.”

The other guests will be strangers and parents will need to exercise the same caution as they would at home.

Some cruise lines have rules against children being left alone while others have a curfew for guests under the age of 18.

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