Stewardess unveils ‘worst’ part of working on luxury yacht is ‘very sexist’ – ‘I hate it’

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Yacht stewardess Maria Roig works on a luxury superyacht based in Barcelona. She told what her life onboard the vessel is like.

Speaking about her daily routine, Maria explained she has “complete freedom” during the winter months.

She said: “Our daily routine varies a lot depending on the season.

“During winter, we work from 8am to 4pm. My duties are basically keeping all the rooms tidy.

“[In winter] it’s basically just the crew rooms, as we don’t have any guests onboard, and keeping a good level of maintenance such as doing laundry etc.

“After that, we have complete freedom.

“We have a gym at the port, which we can go to. And that is basically the daily routine during the winter months.

“During the peak season with guests onboard, however, our routine consists of being completely devoted to the guests. Everything we do is for them.

“We work 16 hours a day and all the breaks or meals we have are following their routines.”

However, Maria said her favourite part is the time she spends with her beloved coworkers: “The best thing for me though is to live with all these people.

“I love being surrounded by so many people. Currently, we are only 10 and I get to spend every day with them.

“For some people, this may be a nightmare, but for me the fact I can spend the whole day with my colleagues is great. We have so much fun! We are always planning fun activities, meals, excursions… It’s like having a family onboard.”

The worst part for Maria is “the competitiveness you can find sometimes, especially on other yachts”.

“It’s like women against women, for example. A lot of jealousy, many people wanting to get a specific position, the hierarchy.

“On big yachts, for example, a crew member wouldn’t talk to the captain. You can’t really discuss anything with your superior but just do as you’ve been told.

“I hate this hierarchy and I find it so frustrating because I see all crew members as equal.

“The industry is also very sexist. As a general rule, female crew members are working inside, such as the stewardess or the cleaners, while male crew members drive and clean the boat always working on the exterior,” Maria explained.

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