Cruise guests issued warning over banned items which ‘must be left at home’

Cruise guests may be surprised about some of the items they aren’t allowed to bring onboard the ship.

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises, said: “We expect to see lots more travellers and holidaymakers set sail this summer and visit the far-flung corners of the world on a cruise.

“Data from both our customers and the Cruise Lines International Association suggest there is a big intent to cruise this summer, from both experienced and novice cruisers.

“No two cruise lines are exactly the same, but many of them view prohibited items in the same way.”

Guests will need to check the rules with their cruise line before travel as there could be variations.

Inflatable pool toys

If a ship has a pool onboard, it might be tempting to pack an inflatable crocodile or a lido to relax on.

However, James said: “These must be left at home. Most cruise lines only allow you to bring inflatable armbands for your little ones which must be deflated at the time of boarding.”

Some cruise lines will allow guests to bring buoyancy aids for children but this might not always be the case. Cruise ship pools are generally quite small and don’t have room for inflatables.

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Helium balloons

Any passengers planning to celebrate a special occasion onboard won’t be allowed to bring helium balloons.

However, in some cases guests may be able to purchase balloons from the cruise line or even get the crew’s help preparing the room.

On some ships, guests can request rose petals, decorations or wine coolers to celebrate a special occasion.

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Due to fire and safety regulations, cruise guests are banned from bringing their own multi-outlet extension cord.

Many modern cruise ships offer a variety of outlets, including plugs with USB charging ports which can be used for multiple items.

Guests will be able to bring an adapter and can inquire about the outlets onboard from their cruise line.

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