Tourist disgusted as vile restaurant worker clips toe nails on chopping board

A tourist was left stomach churning after catching a restaurant worker clipping toenails on a kitchen counter.

Brady, from US, visited Czech Republic in December and had a horrifying encounter while searching for vegan food in the capital city.

"I was gonna get [food from] this place but not now," he said in a now-viral video.

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The tourist pans his camera to a food stall and sees no staff serving by the till.

Instead, he finds a worker, who has a hair net and a white apron on, taking a rest in the kitchen right behind.

She sits on the stainless steel counter top and puts her leg up to a chopping board so that she could clip her toenails.

Right next to her is a display of cucumbers and carrots — all chopped and ready to serve.

When the worker realises Brady is waiting at the till, she stops and looks at Brady.

Brady was put off by the sight and left without getting any food.

He did not name the restaurant and later added in the caption: "Vegan restaurant at mall in Prague, Czech Republic.

"I did a double take in disbelief before getting my phone put to record!

"I think the toenail clippings in the vegetables disqualify it for being 'true vegan'."

Viewers were left speechless and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One joked: "Meanwhile cashier: 'Would you like a side of toenails with your order?'"

"I’m just confused…did she really think that was sanitary…and did she really think a customer wouldn’t see?" another questioned.

A third refused to believe, adding: "There is no way this is real."

But Brad confirmed what he saw, saying: "Oh trust me it was! I was there on vacation this past December and we went to this mall and crazy thing was the mall was super nice!"

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