Vail Resorts will soon use mobile lift pass tickets instead of printed

Vail Resorts announced Wednesday its plans for a future without physical lift tickets and passes with new technology that will allow guests to store their pass or lift ticket directly on their phone.

The new feature will be tested during the upcoming North American winter season, and is expected to roll out to guests in the 2023-24 season.

The innovation, Vail Resorts said in a news release, will eliminate the need to carry a plastic card, visit the ticket window, or wait to receive a pass or lift ticket in the mail. Guests will be able to buy their pass or lift ticket online, activate it on their phone, put their phone in their pocket, and get scanned, hands-free, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Once launched, guests will no longer need to wait in line at the ticket window if they need to purchase, pick up, or reprint their pass or lift ticket. The company said the technology will also reduce waste from printing plastic cards and RFID chips and support Vail Resorts’ Commitment to Zero sustainability promise.

Even after the feature is launched, Vail Resorts will continue to make plastic cards available to any guests who cannot or do not want to use their phone as their pass or lift ticket.

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