Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Wants to Pay to Cover Up the Tattoo You Got With Your Ex

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. For many, it’s a time of pure romance. However, for some, it’s a cruel reminder of lovers’ past — especially for those who made a declaration of love for that person on their body with a tattoo of an ex’s name (ouch).


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While typically those in the latter group would spend the holiday wallowing in sorrow, this year, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is hoping to help a few of the broken hearted heal with a brand-new, ex-free tattoo.

“Regretting that horrible tattoo for an ex? LET US COVER THAT FOR YOU,” the brand exclaimed on Instagram.

Those interested in smashing those bad memories and moving on to make new ones can visit Sailor Jerry on Instagram and enter for the chance to have the brand pay to get their new ink. And really, there’s no company better suited for the job considering Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was created to honor Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, a Navy vet who became famous for tattooing soldiers and sailors in WWII-era Honolulu.

To enter, all you need to do is follow @sailorjerry and like this post on Instagram. Next, post a photo of your own terrible tattoo with the hashtag #letuscoverthat and tag Sailor Jerry. If you really can’t stand the idea of posting it publicly that’s okay, Sailor Jerry is also taking submissions via direct message.

Then, starting on Feb. 10, the company will toss two random entries on its IG Stories and put them to a vote. Whoever has the most votes after 24 hrs wins a $200 voucher for a Sailor Jerry tattoo to use at their artist of choice. The company will repeat the voting every day until Valentine’s Day.

Good luck, and maybe next time, hold off on tattooing your lover’s name on your body until you really know they are the one.

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