Portugal allows unvaccinated Britons back again as it lifts quarantine rules – latest

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Portugal has announced it will allow entry to tourists from the UK who haven’t been fully vaccinated without the need to quarantine. This applies to both mainland Portugal and Madeira.

The news comes after Portugal said it would allow entry for tourists from Brazil after it imposed a ban 18 months ago.

Travelling from the Portuguese-speaking South American country was banned for non-essential reasons.

Now, visitors from Brazil no longer need to self-isolate in arrival and the Government has announced the same rule applies to visitors from the UK.

UK travellers just need to provide a negative COVID-19 test when visiting the popular holiday spot.

At the moment, Portugal is open to tourists from the EU and UK who show proof of having received their Covid vaccine.

Portugal has also announced visitors from the US are also allowed in showing a negative test on arrival.

The country has lifted most restrictions following their successful vaccination rollout.

At the time of writing, 73 percent of Portugal’s population has been vaccinated according to data from the health ministry.

Mainland Portugal is currently on the amber list, meaning fully vaccinated Britons don’t need to quarantine on their way back.

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