Pilot rants to passengers about ‘wasting fuel’ during Heathrow Airport chaos

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A Scandinavian Airlines pilot has completely trash-talked Britain's biggest airport in a hilarious passengers' announcement.

The pilot, who had just landed in Heathrow, walked out of the cockpit into the cabin and grabbed the intercom phone to lay into the London airport, explaining to those onboard why Heathrow is so chaotic and why flights are so delayed.

He also joked about how big the yacht he is looking forward to spending time on in his retirement in six months after dealing with trying to land a plane in an overly occupied airport.

Heathrow Airport has only four terminals, three of which were actually open and had to deal with 600 aircraft, when it can only accommodate 400- which is why it took 40 minutes for his plane to taxi into position ahead of the flight to Oslo, Norway.

In the clip, which has gained more than 320,000 likes, the pilot said: "It's chaos here, right now in Heathrow. Heathrow has four terminals, three are open.

"It has 600 aircraft compared to four hundred. Chaos. So, that's why when we landed forty minutes later, I ended back on the stand. We landed an hour and a half ago. We've been just sat there.

"If you're for the green party, you'll have to shoot me because I burned 3000 million gallons of fuel sat there waiting for the stand, my frustrations, as you can see, calmer, calmer because I'm retiring soon."

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The pilot went on to explain how he will spend his retirement on a "rudely large yacht" once he leaves the company in six months' time.

Heathrow Airport and Scandinavian Airlines were contacted for a comment regarding the incident.

Viewers on TikTok took to the comments with their sympathies for the pilot during the recent chaos at the airport on the video which was captioned: "Our Pilot has given up."

One user wrote: "I feel for the pilots and cabin crew who for many only get paid when they're in the air so they're probably more frustrated than anyone."

Another added: "Fair play he came out and spoke to his passengers and shared his frustration. He still gets paid and his yacht but fair enough tbh."

A third said: "Heathrow 3 terminals, 600 planes, yachts, Cornwall landing- not landing that speech kept going."

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The news comes after a steward for Ryanair also made his feelings known about his job on a flight between Spain and Manchester last week.

The frustrated worker launched his scathing rant against the company on board a flight on June 8, telling holidaymakers that Ryanair "don't listen to their staff" and that he doesn't have "high expectations".

In a video which has emerged of the incident, the steward was heard saying: "They don't listen to their staff, they probably care about you more because you give them money. Instead, we're costing them money."

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