14 blokes left with nowhere to stay after booking mix up leaves stag do stranded

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A stag do party was left with nowhere to stay after a booking mix-up saw them allocated with one double bedroom for 14 people.

The friends booked a £2,500 two-night getaway to house celebrations for groom-to-be Alistar in Dorset. But were left shocked to find another group waiting outside of the property.

The 14 blokes which included pals Luke, Daren, Dave and Phil organised the trip through Expedia and thought there would be extra room in the 20-bed country house.

They were featured on a holiday special of BBC's Rip Off Britain after they discovered they were double-booked and stranded.

The group initially assumed there would be a minor error in the booking and within one phone call, they would be able to continue their celebrations at the house.

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However, after contacting Expedia, they discovered that the owners of the holiday home had no record of anyone booking the venue, reports Birmingham Live.

It appeared that Expedia had taken the group’s money without actually booking a place and confirming it with the owners of the property.

When Expedia recognised their error, they offered the group last-minute hotel access to one double bedroom at a local hotel. However, the stag group consisted of 14 men, which was nowhere near sufficient to accommodate them all.

The company fully refunded the group for their booking of £2,500 for the country house. However, they did not refund the expenses that the group lost from travelling to Dorset for the accommodation. The group was offered one £200 voucher to share amongst all 14 of them.

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When Rip Off Britain spoke to Expedia the firm apologised to the group and balmed a "miscommunication" for the error.

A spokesperson for Expedia told Birmingham Live: "We apologise to Mr Evans for the experience he received. Unfortunately, a miscommunication between the property owner and Expedia meant his party were not informed of the property’s closure on time.

"While it was impossible to relocate Mr Evans’ group to a comparable hotel due to limited availability, Mr Evans was refunded in full. There are ongoing discussions with Mr Evans about compensation for the group’s out-of-pocket expenses as a gesture of goodwill.

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