Nexion Helps Military Vets Thrive in Travel Industry

Thirty veterans completed the new Veterans in Travel program on November 14, 2018.

The program is a partnership between Nexion Travel Group and Travel Leaders of Tomorrow that gives veterans a path to careers in the travel industry as well as the opportunity for business ownership.

“The men and women who serve in our armed forces are deserving not only of our thanks but also support from the business community to help them succeed professionally in civilian life,” said Jackie Friedman, president of Nexion Travel Group, a division of Travel Leaders Group. “The scholarships we are providing veterans to receive professional travel advisor training, along with a number of other benefits, through our Veterans in Travel program, is something of which we are immensely proud. A career in travel provides veterans the opportunity to own their own business, if they so choose, and to succeed as entrepreneurs in an industry that is extremely fun and rewarding.”

Next year, the program will grow to include 35 veterans interested in launching a career as a professional travel advisor.

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, a virtual learning community for travel advisors, provides training, and each participant joins a team for weekly study sessions, lessons, and lectures. Veterans also receive one-on-one coaching from Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s staff. Participants finish the course with a niche of their choosing and a business plan.

“I always recommend to my friends, including my military friends, to either join us in the travel business or at least start traveling and see if it piques their interest,” said Navy veteran Dennis McClelland, a Nexion Travel Group member and co-owner of McClelland Travel.

McClelland noted that his work as a travel agent has brought him great satisfaction because it allows him to also apply his military training.

“The military is designed to train you in many aspects of life—respect for others, respect for authority, appreciation, listening skills, and attention to detail. These are all relevant in the travel industry and critical for planning customized, complex trips for my clients.”

March Davenport is completing the program in January of next year and agrees with McClelland.

“Veterans in Travel is an incredibly worthwhile program. I’ve traveled extensively and always loved travel but until recently, never thought of making it a second career. Veterans in Travel is giving me the skills and knowledge to launch my own travel agency, with valuable connections and support from suppliers, faculty, and my fellow students. I’m excited about my future as a travel advisor.”

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