5 best hotels in Paris to book for Valentine’s Day

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Paris the world’s most romantic destination and is the perfect Valentine’s Day holiday. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or want to spend a week break, there’s plenty to do and enjoy with your loved ones.

With eased restrictions from the UK to France happening soon, there’s no better way than to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trip to Paris with your best friend, relative or partner. According to Expedia, 20 percent of Brits are looking to save when they travel, so Expedia has put together some tips and tricks to save money.

If you want to book an international flight, travellers could save up to 15 percent when they book on Sunday compared to Friday. And for international flights, September is the best month and travellers can save almost 40 percent versus travelling in December.

In addition, travellers can get the best value for accommodation on international trips when they book on Wednesdays and this saves 5 percent off stays on Saturdays.

Here are the best Parisian hotels to book for Valentine’s Day 2022.

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