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A woman claimed she was kicked off a plane because she was wearing an "inappropriate" outfit.

The passenger shared a TikTok video her being spoken to by police moments after she had left the plane.

In the clip, she explains to the officer: "I was harassed about my outfit, I had put my shirt back on."

The officer interrupts, asking: "So you did have it off at one point?"

She lifts up her T-shirt and says: "Yeah, I had this (sports bra) on, they asked me to put a shirt on. I put the shirt back on and they approached me again, saying I can't wear this, 'the stomach is showing and it's inappropriate'."

The traveller claimed the flight attendants approached her three times on the plane and kept complaining about her crop top until she was escorted off.

A male police officer can be heard telling her: "We're just trying to get your side of the story versus what they are saying, there's nothing criminal.

"They have policies for dress code that they have to follow."

But the woman defends herself and says she looked up the policies online.

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"I did follow the policy though, they told me to look it up, I looked it up – I'm within the dress code," she adds.

"I'm being harassed and now I'm being detained. You guys come and pull me off the plane in front of my child, that's detain."

In a later post, she shared how she managed to return to the flight and showed the outfit in question that had caused the problem.

"This is the outfit I was wearing when I was told that it was inappropriate," she explained, revealing her pink leopard-print cropped T-shirt and a black shorts.

"No one was complaining, everyone was asleep," the distressed mum added. "It was a four-hour flight in the dark that landed at 11.30pm."

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Some viewers shared their support and believed the flight attendants "body-shamed" the passenger.

One wrote: "This is ridiculous. She was dressed just fine."

Another said: "It's a shame because I have seen girls that are different sizes wearing literally the same thing."

Last month, a similar incident happened as a woman being publicly shamed over her "inappropriate top".

Sierra Steadman was wearing a black crop and biker shorts when she was allegedly told by the crew member to "cover up".

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