Model with ‘UK’s biggest boobs’ forced out of plane seat as strangers complain

A model who claims to have the “biggest boobs in Britain” got into a spot of bother on a recent flight.

Leia Parker – AKA Jodie Juggs – was only able to book economy flights from Las Vegas to London Gatwick, which she found to be "small".

And she says flight attendants asked her to sit away from other passengers due to her huge 32T-size breasts.

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The 26-year-old, from London, said: “The seats being small is not good for my boobs – I struggle to not be in other passengers’ way.

“The passengers were so vile to me. One female passenger said to the stewardess that she wanted ‘this girl and her stupid t*ts moved’.

“She said I kept pushing up against her boyfriend, but there was just not enough space.

“[The passengers] said to cabin crew that they wanted me to move or they wanted an upgrade.

“The cabin crew were very b*tchy and patronising to me.

“One of the stewardesses was lovely in the end and was sorry that I had to sit there, and got me pillows.

“The others were not nice. They first said ‘you are going to have to sit differently to not get in other people’s way’.”

Leia was eventually moved to a jump seat in the galley area due to lack of other seats.

She said: “They didn’t have other seats so I ended up spending most of the flight sat in a jump seat in the kitchen bit.

“It was really hurtful.”

Leia complained about the experience to the airline but claims they have not apologised.


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