Meghan Markle’s ‘ultra luxury’ holiday destination

Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t sound happy’ says Rupert Bell

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Before joining the Royal Family, Meghan regularly shared travel tips on her blog, The Tig. While the Duchess of Sussex visited many cheaper spots, one luxury destination was her favourite “respite”.

Meghan visited St Barts in the Caribbean for a luxurious holiday before she met Prince Harry.

She wrote on The Tig: “Without question, St Barths remains an ultra luxury destination, but with a little scouring, you can find a respite from the fancy fray or dive right in, whatever your pleasure, this island does seem to have it all.”

Saint Barthelemy island is a French speaking Caribbean paradise known for its stunning white sand beaches.

The gorgeous island is a luxury holiday destination and perfect for those seeking an exclusive experience.

While there Meghan dined at the popular restaurant, Le Grain de Sel, which serves fusion food.

She said: “An authentic Caribbean restaurant serving up creole classics. Do not miss this food gem, where the bites are as transportive as the vacation itself.”

The restaurant’s menu heavily features fish with dishes including grilled curry tuna steak and lobster with creole sauce.

For dessert, options include pineapple cake with a lime twist, coconut creole pie and roasted pineapple with ginger.

Meghan also visited Grand Saline Beach and said her friends couldn’t drag her out the sea as she loved it so much.

The stunning white sand beach is one of the island’s best and is perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

But Meghan isn’t the only celebrity to enjoy holidaying in Saint Barts. Pippa Middleton is also a huge fan of the island.

Pippa’s husband James spent part of his childhood on the island as his father owns the luxury hotel, Eden Rock.

It’s impossible to take mass transport to St Barts and visitors can only reach it by using a private jet.

There are only around 30 hotels on the exclusive island in order to maintain its luxurious feel.

Jay Z and Beyonce are also regulars on St Barts which attracts an ultra rich and celebrity audience.

St Barts has a heavy French influence and many of the island’s restaurants feature French cuisine.

Meghan added: “After three nights of this girls’ getaway, we take in the view one last time before travelling by Jeep to the airport.”

She said the pilot allowed her to sit in the front with him for the short flight back to St Maarten.

The Duchess stayed at Hotel Taiwana, a boutique luxury hotel which has now closed down.

It is thought that Pippa Middleton stays at Eden Rock when she visits the island for family holidays.

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