Meet Benidorm-loving Brits – from Costa Blanca ‘royalty’ to bikini model
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    Benidorm has it all – booze, views and big groups of excitable Brits.

    The Costa Blanca hotspot is often thought to be the 'most British' resort in Spain – with around 5% of inhabitants being British nationals.

    But, what is the allure about the coastal town infamous for its rowdy strip and bargain trips?

    READ MORE: 'I went to Benidorm and boobs were out everywhere – I didn't know where to look'

    We've rounded up a bundle of Benidorm loving Brits who have revealed what it's like living in the party hotspot.

    Nigel Pope – AKA 'King of Benidorm'

    Brit Nigel Pope holds the unofficial title of 'King of Benidorm' thanks to his handy holidaying tips and tricks.

    The 62-year-old Cornish chap moved to Spain six years ago after his 30-year marriage broke down.

    Ever since then, Nigel has made a name for himself among locals and Benidorm-loving Brits.

    He's racked up over 46,000 TikTok followers with his daily videos on what he gets up to in the sunny city – including riding bucking Broncos and hosting mobility scooter races.

    Nigel prides himself on providing free-of-cost virtual tours to sun-seekers through the means of social media.

    Along with his 'queen' Nancy, Nigel has tempted Brits to come visit the Spanish beach city.

    "Many people have said that they would never have come to Benidorm," Nigel explained to us.

    "But after seeing me on live and watching my videos, [people] decided to come here and they all want to come back.

    "At least one couple I know of booked to come back before they left.

    "I am always having people coming up and saying hi to me, they all say good things like 'thanks for all the good places to see' and 'good restaurants to eat in' – it has made their holiday so much better!"

    Nigel thinks that Benidorm is for everyone, and is the place to be everyday of the year.

    "Benidorm has a very good all year round climate for being sunny and all year round entertainment going on," he added.

    "It is so diverse that it has something to interest everyone.

    "Whoever you are, whatever you want, you can find or do in Benidorm 24/7 all year round."

    Elley Davies

    Although Elley Davies doesn't live in Benidorm, the model frequents the sunny Mediterranean on work trips.

    And Benidorm certainly left a lasting impression on the 19-year-old poser and influencer from Wales.

    The stunner – who shot to fame by embracing her lazy eye in photos – landed a modelling job with a tanning company and was whisked away to Benidorm for a shoot.

    But, Elley was in for a big culture shock.

    She didn't realise just how many women get their boobs out on the beaches of Benidorm.

    "I was shooting on the beach and doing TikToks on the beach but so many people had their boobs out," Elley exclusively told us.

    "It was mental.

    "It was absolutely packed. Literally so many random people in Benidorm with their boobs out.

    "You don’t see that in Wales or anywhere in the UK.

    "It was like 'what is going on'."


    Brit Jade jetted off to Benidorm after sacking in her teaching job to become a stripper and porn star.

    She found educating tots in England "boring" and was riddled with shyness.

    But, she knew that she had to do something "fun" with her life.

    The sexy star first moved to Spain 10 years ago where she worked at a travel agent before she was promoted to a resort manager.

    However, the wild antics of hen and stag dos really caught her eye.

    Alongside her adult work, Jade organises pre-wedding parties with partner Frank where she offers her own sexy services – including live sex shows.

    "I was so shy and timid and it wasn’t really until I moved to Benidorm that I really thought I’ve got this other side to me that I need to find," Jade candidly told us.

    "I think it was Benidorm in general [that brought it out of me] and literally seeing the stag and hen parties having so much fun with the strip teases and stuff like that."

    "Obviously, working with the stag and hens you see the activities that they have, strip teases, sexy waitresses.

    "I was seeing all that and was thinking ‘you know what, that looks really good fun, I need to try this’.

    "I think the most extreme part of my show is that I use sex toys.

    "I'm the only one in Benidorm that uses sex toys in my strip show."

    Frank 'The Stag Man'

    Frank – known as 'The Stag Man' – decided to move abroad to Benidorm 11 years ago.

    The Brit was enticed by the views and cheap booze that come as low as 88p for a pint.

    And now, many Brits have been tempted to come to Benidorm for the above – and Frank specifically.

    The geezer is known for organising extreme stag and hen do's – with partner Jade – racking up an impressive 59,000 TikTok followers in process.

    He admitted that Benidorm is the 'perfect' place for Brits to let loose, and can get "graphic" at moments.

    "I’m known for taking it to its limits – I do all the extreme strippers, the dwarfs, the drag stripper," he explained to Daily Star.

    "It’s pretty graphic.

    "It's very extreme, like when you compare it to the UK, you wouldn't get any of this. And the thing is, is that they're lining up for it.

    "We are flat out, we’re so busy it’s unreal.

    "And, it’s happening on a massive scale, it’s not a backstreet thing – this is the norm and it’s why Benidorm is number one.

    "It’s just different, you’ve got the sun and you’ve got the people. I was drawn to wanting to be around people who were happy and having a great time.

    "I’ve been here 11 years organising stag and hen party groups so you can imagine the amount of numbers we have crunched people wise.

    "Plus, it’s very extreme here compared to the UK.

    "It’s crazy, it’s modern and it’s what people want."

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