Many Brits are on their journeys of ‘self-discovery’, research finds
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    The favourite ways Brits "find themselves" include a digital detox, daily empowerment and travelling the world.

    A study of 2,000 adults found most have never been on a "journey of self-discovery" and almost half (47%) haven’t completely come to terms with who the real "them" is yet.

    And only 28% are content with their lot in life.

    Of those who are, or have been on such a pursuit, a whopping 83% say it was a success.

    But more than a third (34%) of those polled, by Tourism New Zealand, said travelling abroad would improve their chances of finding themselves.

    More than half of those (55%) said they’d like to get the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture – expanding their horizons in the process.

    Others think ditching alcohol, taking up yoga and meditation, changing career path, or starting a TikTok channel, would be the best way to find themselves.

    Nonetheless, 76% believe it is important to understand yourself – with the aim of building self-confidence the number one reason for doing so (51%).

    Discovering your full-potential (45%) and learning from past mistakes (41%), are also incentives for self-discovery, according to data.

    New Zealand topped the list as the place Brits feel is best to visit in order to complete a voyage of self-discovery, followed by Australia, Canada and USA.

    The study also found over a third (37%) of everyone polled is keen to live life to the full, with a quarter of Brits (25%) making their way through a bucket list of life goals.

    Sarah Handley, general manager, Americas & Europe for New Zealand Tourism, said: "It’s great to see that people in the UK are interested in self-discovery, with some stepping out of their comfort zones and seeking new adventures, in a bid to improve their overall well-being and self-understanding.

    "New Zealand has so much to offer such as diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, and a rich indigenous culture to immerse yourself in, making it the perfect destination for self-reflection.

    "We welcome anyone embarking on a journey of self-discovery, we hope that New Zealand provides the opportunity to truly find yourself."


    1. Reading more
    2. Travelling the world
    3. Removing negative people from your life
    4. Exploring the great outdoors
    5. Learning about and experiencing a new culture
    6. Being more present (i.e., being fully engaged and attentive to the present moment)
    7. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people
    8. Picking up a new hobby (e.g., knitting/doing puzzles/cooking/pottery)
    9. Changing career paths
    10. Volunteering at a charity
    11. Cleaning/clearing out the home
    12. Spending less time using devices
    13. Learning about different ideologies and religions
    14. Doing yoga and meditation
    15. Writing a journal/book
    16. Escaping the city
    17. Trying out different music – finding new artists
    18. Moving to another country
    19. Exploring your sexuality/ having new sexual experiences
    20. Learning a new language
    21. Daily manifestations/empowerment
    22. Stop drinking alcohol
    23. Watching movies deemed culturally and artistically important
    24. Setting up a side hustle
    25. Experimenting with fashion
    26. Deleting all social media
    27. Living a zero-waste lifestyle
    28. Petitioning for social justice
    29. Crystals and astrology
    30. Starting a TikTok channel


    1. New Zealand
    2. Australia
    3. USA
    4. Canada
    5. Italy
    6. Japan
    7. Greece
    8. Spain
    9. Switzerland
    10. Iceland
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