Flight attendant says her uniform includes items that passengers don’t ever see

Flight attendants often look glamorous marching through the airport in their uniforms and high heels. Whether it’s a suit or a dress the outfits airline’s ask cabin crew to wear are ever so smart – but there are some uniform pieces most of us never knew existed.

Now, we all know that certain airlines have more unusual uniforms. British Airways flight attendants can now even wear a jumpsuit, tunic or hijab.

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One airline from Vietnam even lets its air hostesses wear bikinis on board. VietJet’s gorgeous flight attendants wear a red and yellow bikini for important flights.

But, Emirates is the airline that blows most people away as you spot the crew strutting in their cream and pink uniforms. The addition of a scarf and the famous pillbox style hat make the uniform stand out.

But, one flight attendant has given us a look under the covers at the Emirates staff clothes. It turns out the airline even dictates what the crew wears to bed.

Danielle Molyneux, an Emirates flights attendant from Cheshire, in the UK, posted a video on TikTok that quickly went viral. She explained that during long-haul flights the crew are able to go to a secret room on the plane to get some sleep.

While they’re in the private sleeping room they can change out of their tight uniforms to get some kip. But, they have to put on their uniform PJs. Danielle showed a short-sleeved top with "CREW" printed on the back and a pair of long red and tan striped Pyjama bottoms.

Danielle commented: "For those that don’t already know, these are my crew pyjamas. During long-haul flights, cabin crew will change into pyjamas and take their break."

She also added that it’s not just the airline being picky when they ask workers to wear the special nightwear. It’s to keep passengers safe.

Danielle said: "If an emergency should occur while crew are on their break and they don’t have time to change into their normal uniform, they can be easily identified to customers."

The video was viewers over seven million times and people were surprised at the revelation. Many had never even thought about flight attendants getting changed during the journey.

One person commented: "The pyjamas blow my mind, customers aren’t going to see you in your nightwear."

Another added: "That's so cool of the company to have a practically versatile uniform range that maintains its iconic brand look." While another wrote: “I actually love them. Used to be BA crew and wish we had crew PJs."

A third asked whether the crew had to wear the pyjamas when staying overnight in hotels. Danielle replied: "No, I wear my own PJs in the hotel room."

Plenty of people expressed interest at becoming an Emirates flight attendant which is seen as one of the more difficult airlines to be hired by. This isn't just because of the gorgeous uniform or rigorous training requirements.

To be cabin crew for Emirates you have to meet a number of appearance requirements. To be considered you have to be fluent in written and spoken English, at least 160cm tall (5ft 2in) and have one year of customer service or hospitality experience.

You also have to have a minimum of a secondary school education and you cannot have any visible tattoos. You also have to be over the age of 21 and have a healthy BMI.

When dressing for a recruitment event you have to have your hair “neatly tied back” and you must wear business attire. Women have to wear a full face of makeup and high heels while men must be clean shaven.


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