Man uses ‘smart’ travel hack to avoid paying for water at the airport

When jetting off on holidays it can be tricky to avoid spending a fortune before you even get to your destination – and that's without counting the cost of your flights and hotel.

Then, while waiting to depart most of us have to buy food and drink inside the terminal which can really add up.

It’s previously been revealed that you are allowed to bring your own food through security should you choose to, which can save you fair whack if you’re going away as a family.

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One big expense caused by the liquids rule is buying everyone a new bottle or water when you get past security.

While each bottle may only cost £1-2, for a family of four that means spending a chunk of change just on drinks.

Luckily, it seems there’s an easy way to ensure you all stay hydrated at the airport that’s completely free.

TikTok user @IsThatMike03 posted his advice in a video on the social media site.

He dubbed the tip his “favourite travel airport hack”.

In the clip, he showed himself taking a large 1.5l bottle through security – it was empty of water so didn’t count towards his liquid allowance.

When he made it through to the airport’s shopping area Mike then approached a barman at a pub and asked him to fill the bottle with tap water.

The staff member happily did so meaning that Mike got himself a totally free bottle of water to drink in the airport and on the plane.

Mike said: "You've got to get creative with the money-saving ideas.

"Every time I travel by plane, I like to bring an empty bottle of water to take through the airport security.

"Once I'm on the other side, I find the nearest bar or restaurant and ask them to fill it up with tap water for me."

Mike noted the price of water at terminal shops and said: “The fact that they're overcharging for it is so crazy to me.”

The video has racked up over 45k views and thousands of likes.

In the comments, one person said: “Yep. The price of water, which we need to survive, is ridiculous.”

“Some airports have refill stations to use too,” added another.

While a third said: “I have been doing this for years….. Especially now since they have the water bottle fillers!”

“Smart hack thanks,” exclaimed a third.

As well as the free water, bringing your own meals can help keep costs down that little bit further.

After all, children’s meals at Heathrow may be free during school holidays but an adult meal can cost at least £10 in some cases.

If you do choose to bring your own meals just be aware that some foods we would consider solid – like hummus – are actually classified as a liquid by airlines and need to be under 100ml.


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