Cruise expert saying living on a cruise could ‘save money’

It might sound crazy, but living on a cruise ship could “save money” according to a cruise expert. Yasmin Pekel, CEO and owner of Blue Cruise, explained why it’s an attractive option for some people.

Lots of Britons dream of selling up and travelling the world, and a select few have decided to do just that, leaving dry land for life on the open seas.

A brand new ship from Storylines, will even offer people the chance to belong to a “luxury residential community at sea” with a global itinerary. The ship will include a library, multiple restaurants, gym and even schooling options for younger residents.

Residents can opt to live in one of the ship’s smaller studios or cough up for a luxurious penthouse.

While Storylines will only carry permanent residents, some people choose to book back to back cruises and stay on a regular cruise ship. But what attracts people to life on a cruise ship?


Yasmin told “Living on a cruise ship is a fixed cost with no hidden fees. No more council tax, water bills or having to pay for your internet.

“Instead, beyond the cost of your accommodation, all-inclusive needs and the occasional optional extra, such as treating yourself to a fancy excursion, you can actually save money!”

Guests should check their cruise ship’s terms and conditions as not all lines offer internet free of charge.

However, people that live on a cruise ship will save on bills and won’t have to pay any council tax while they’re out on the seas.

Customer service

Yasmin said: “Every area of a cruise ship is designed with hospitality in mind. Living on one is an incredible way to have a whole team of people to rely on, whether for cooking, cleaning, advice or just having a chat.”

Cruise ships carry a huge range of crew, from room stewards to chefs and personal trainers, there’s someone to cater to every need.

If Britons want a bit of extra TLC in their retirement years, they might be able to find it by living on a cruise ship.

Some ships even have massage therapists and world-class entertainers to give an extra special experience.


Yasmin said: “Cruise ships are packed with great facilities to attract guests. By renting or purchasing a room on a cruise ship, you can gain access to these facilities.

“Visit the spa as much as you like, go for a swim in the pool every day, and go stargazing every night.

“Living on a cruise ship means gaining all the perks of a cruise guest and much, much more!

“Beyond ‘normal’ amenities, cruise lines have to be competitive with their entertainment options.

“If you’ve ever wanted to try go-karting, attend a virtual concert or even get a tattoo, you can do almost anything on a cruise ship these days!”


Yasmin added: “On a cruise ship, you can wake up in a new destination every day. Whether the Greek islands, the Mexican Riviera or the Galapagos islands, the world is your oyster.

“Say goodbye to mundane reality and the same view in the morning. Instead, you can swap it out for breathtaking ocean views and new experiences, every single day.”

Cruise ships travel the world and residents will be able to do so as well, without paying for an extra flight.

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