Man annoys woman at airport terminal but they fall in love on the flight

A couple has revealed they fell in love after meeting on a plane flight.

Krystina Burton, 30, and Gabriel Solberg didn't seem to be destined to be together at first.

She had been at a dance audition in New York earlier in the day, before getting her flight back to Los Angeles.

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Waiting in the terminal she was sat on an empty row of seats in the quiet airport terminal when Gabriel, then 34, dropped his bag down and sat next to her, CNN reported.

Krystina noticed he was bleary eyed and paying little attention to his surroundings – including her personal space.

When she noticed that his ticket showed they would be sitting next to one another on the plane back to LA, she groaned internally.

Four years on Gabriel, giving his slightly different version of events, says that the terminal was full and he sat in the chair just for five minutes, to catch a break.

When Krystina eventually boarded the Alaska Airlines flight and saw the man already settled in their row, she tried to put her headphones in quickly, to avoid any conversation – but she wasn't fast enough, reports the Mirror.

He told CNN that he was "blown away by her smile", and then recognised her, and asked if she'd sat next to him in the terminal.

"You were sitting next to me," she told him.

The pair began chatting, which they continued to do throughout the two hour delay to departure and when the passenger in the window seat fell asleep, it felt like they had the row to themselves.

Over the course of the delay and flight they covered a great range of topics, from their jobs and homes, to their love of travel and experiences in Europe.

They even covered religion and their thoughts on the meaning of life.

Krystina's job as a dancer took her across the world, while Gabriel had grown up in France and Germany.

In the air they watched films together on the plane's entertainment system while laughing and chatting all the way through.

Despite their connection being obvious, the couple were slightly wary; Gary had just come out of a long term relationship, and Krystina said she wasn't searching for anything either.

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When the flight landed and the passengers disembarked at LAX, the pair prepared to go their separate ways.

Rather than saying their goodbyes for good, he told her that he would return in a week because "there's something going on here."

She was sceptical that he would make the journey, despite realising they had just both enjoying a meet-cute.

As he was walking away – having kissed his soon-to-be-girlfriend on the cheek – Gabriel texted his brother "I met the girl of my dreams".

After a week he returned and they spent hours on the phone to each other.

And, Gabriel flew all the way across the country to take her on a date.

Just a few months later the couple moved in together in New York and a year after that they became engaged.

They share their travel adventures on their Instagram account @swirlthroughtheworld.


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