Nudist cyclists who peddle in the buff offer advice for going clothes-free in UK

A naked cyclist who is peddling the length of the country buck naked has offered advice those looking to join him in his no-clothes hobby.

Colin Unsworth, 52, and his cycling partner Sadie Tann, 32, have been clapped along as they journeyed from John O’Groats to Lands End on a tandem, which they are doing to raise awareness about rewilding.

They also landed a number of news headlines earlier this week when the tandem twosome were knocked from their bike by a car.

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Colin spoke to the Mirror several days later once he had made it down from the top of Scotland to Manchester.

"We started on June 28 and we hope there are ten more days until the end," he explained.

"I have taken part in the world naked bike ride quite a few times in Manchester, but I've never done anything like this before.

"I've never done a big cycle like this before, even with clothes on. I'm a utility cyclist really."

Colin and Sadie embarked on the 50-mile-a-day journey to raise money for mental health charity Mind and Rewilding Britain, which aims to tackle climate emergency.

Colin explained: "I've been following the progress of Rewilding Britain and rewilding projects for a long time and I just think it is a fantastic thing that we should all be talking about.

"As naturists who are into nature connections and value mental health, we thought we can do some sort of stunt to raise awareness.

"The Rewilding Britain website says think 'big and act wild', well there's no bigger bike ride and it's a pretty wild day to do it."

Rewilding aims to restore ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself and restore people's relationships with the natural world.

They have received an “overwhelming” amount of positive support since the pair started the journey, with people giving them lunch and places to stay for the night for free.

But, after they were knocked off their bikes, Colin and Sadie were nervous about continuing their ride.

For days they only managed a few miles due to fears about their safety and being targeted again.

They both endured a couple of sleepless nights.

Now, thanks to the overwhelming public support, friends and strangers who have cycled with them, and a kind-hearted motorhome owner who shadowed the pair with his vehicle for two days, they're back on track.

When asked for his top tips for those looking to ride naked, Colin – who used to work as a cycle safety instructor – offered some pearls of wisdom.

"Just be assertive on the road, don't ride vulnerable, and don't tuck yourself in at the side of the road," he said.

"Make sure they (drivers) can see you. Also, make sure you get a good pair of cycle shorts or merino wool saddle covers like we have.

"A bare bottom and merino wool is more comfortable than anything I've worn in my life. Any time I've had to cover up, it's less comfortable."

In terms of dealing with the legal consequences of nudity, Colin says they'd not had any trouble in England from police.

It is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales, but it does become one if it can be proved a person stripped off with the intention to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Scotland is a greyer legal area, with the unadorned duo having had "four or five" interactions with the police while cycling through the country.

Colin recommends being helpful and chatty when officers investigate.

"One complainant turned around three times and took three videos of us," he said. "Why be offended three times more? We have a joke with the police, we don't want to cause them any hassle.

"The first time (the police approached us) it was a relief as it was raining."

In terms of reaction from the public, "the vast majority of people beep and wave, video and smile".

"They say we've got some bottle," Colin said. "It's generally positive."

The Adlington, Lancs man is a big proponent of the Naked Cycle Ride, which sees large groups come together to pedal through towns and cities, and recommends it to first timers.

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"It's exposing your vulnerabilities, which is quite a powerful thing when making bridges," Colin continued.

"The Naked Bike Ride is one of the most fun events you can take part in. Cardiff has got theirs coming up this weekend.

"It's really nerve wracking, anything like that, so it's safety in numbers. Naturists campsites are great, but there's something about being naked in public which is great.

"It's purely about having a nice time and having fun."


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