Luxury Maldives resort wants to pay someone to run its beach bookshop for a year

Plenty of Brits have been enjoying the sunshine this summer, but drizzle and cold will return when winter hits.

Luckily, for anyone looking to leave the chill British Isles behind and work somewhere more exotic an opportunity is available in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Soneva Fushi, an incredibly luxurious holiday resort in the Maldives, is once again looking to hire someone to be a “barefoot bookseller”.

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In a role that’s sometimes described as the “best job in the world” the lucky winner will be paid to run the island’s bookshop.

Lovers of literature will be flocking to move to the island where there’s white sand, turquoise water and plenty of sun.

And, you’ll be in charge of giving book recommendations to holidaymakers when they need a new beach bestseller.

The barefoot bookseller will also be asked to run workshops, creative writing sessions and pop-up events.

It could be the perfect job for a book lover looking to relocate…

The position starts in October and it's a 12-month placement, but there are some requirements the bookseller must fulfil.

The job advert stated: “Previous barefoot booksellers have provided guests with unforgettable literary experiences from writer’s workshops to personal reading consultations.

“We are interested to see what new ideas you can bring to the role.”

They must also: “be a team player with a passion for books and the ability to engage with guests of all ages.”

And, they have to have a “lively tone of voice” as well as exemplary written and spoken English and the “ability to fit in with the distinctive Soneva culture”.

Wages are not shown in the listing, but former workers have claimed to have loved their experience in the role.

Georgie Polhill, the current barefoot bookseller, once worked in the editorial department at a publisher in London.

She said: “You never know what adventures a new week will bring.”

Georgie even managed to interview Stanley Tucci while working – and other celeb guests have included Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

You’ll need to provide a CV, cover letter and 150 words about a book you’ve recently read. You can apply here.

If you’re selected you’ll spend your days on the luxury atoll which has over-water villas and an observatory, with plenty of free time to make use of those picture-perfect white sand beaches.


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