Livid tourists slam ice cream shop’s rules from seating ban to 87p ‘spoon fee’

From a £612 bill for a few drinks to being charged to have a sandwich cut in half, tourists this summer have faced some pretty incredible charges – and now one visitor has been left livid after she was hit with an extra fee too.

An angry tourist took to TripAdvisor to complain that she had to pay an extra 87p for her ice cream, after she asked for a second spoon so she could share the sweet treat with her husband at a parlour in Lavis, Northern Italy. She posted on her complaint on TripAdvisor after realising she was charged €8 for the ice cream – that’s about £6.95. But, she was also charged an extra euro – 87p – within that price for the use of a second spoon.

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Posting her review, the woman said: "I shared a €8 cup of ice cream, but I paid €9: I was charged an extra €1 as a service for asking for a second spoon. I won't come back again, but if you come by, bring one from home." On her receipt, the item was listed as a caramel ice cream plus "due cucchiai" which means two tablespoons. Other reviews praised the shop for having the "best ice cream ever" and "as good as it gets".

However, another review stated that the restaurant had "strange rules". They said: "If you just want a single scoop of ice cream, you are not allowed to sit down in the bar, and if you are not a child (under 120cm) you can‘t order less than two scoops of ice cream." However, the ice cream shop explained why they had the rules in place.

In a reply they wrote: "The tables inside our bar are reserved to the guests who want to order a more elaborated ice-cream cup. For those who would like to eat a single scoop on-the-go, we have a separated area, where our guests can freely sit: we offer this additional service, as normally in Italy 'gelati da asporto' are eaten while walking."

Plus, they’re not the only restaurant in Italy to have charged holidaymakers for an extra spoon to split a dessert. A pair of tourists were gobsmacked on their holiday to Alba, in Italy, when they were charged an extra £1.30 for using a second spoon to share a dessert while having dinner.

Additionally, a fancy bar in Italy’s stunning Lake Como area was slammed after a receipt showed they charged to slice sandwiches in half. A fuming customer shared a snap of the bill online which added €2 (£1.72) for serving the sandwich between two people.

The owner of the bar, who remains unnamed, hit out at the complaint online. They said: "If a customer asks me to make two portions of toast, I have to use two saucers, two napkins and go to the table using two hands. It is true that the customer is always right, but it is equally true that additional requests have a cost."

Charging for various services is not unheard of in Italy. The nation frequently adds a charge known as "coperto " in many restaurants – his is a fee added to a bill for table service whether you’re sitting down for an espresso or a full meal it will cost the same amount in coperto.

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