Lanzarote wants fewer British tourists in favour of ‘higher quality’ Germans

Brits love sunny Spain and all of its gorgeous islands thanks to the stunning beaches, great resorts and cheap holiday deals.

However, it looks like the affection is no longer returned – a mindset that has been growing over recent years as regional governments introduce various new laws and rules.

Smoking on Spanish beaches is banned and new six-drink limits for tourists to prevent excessive drunk behaviour are some of the recent measures that have been introduced.

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Plus, Magaluf bars and clubs have to follow all new rules about drinking and alcohol sales during certain hours.

Now, gorgeous Lanzarote is following suit and looking to attract higher quality tourists, reports the Times.

Lanzarote's tourist chiefs seem to be in the process of ending a long relationship with sun-seeking visitors from the UK, who have been drawn to the island for decades to party on the cheap.

The leader of Lanzarote has said the Canary Island is now looking for a “higher-quality” of visitors – which includes looking to other markets such as Germany.

The island has declared itself a “tourist-saturated area” and has decided to go for quality over quantity in a bid to cut the number of visitors.

Its new strategy aims to “reduce dependence on the British market”, despite the loyalty of such a group when it comes to filling the sunbeds and eating the fry-ups laid out by hospitality workers there each summer.

Part of the new strategy will be to become less dependent on Brits who currently account for more than half of holiday numbers.

Germans currently make up the second biggest group of visitors to the island.

Still, it's worth noting that Lanzarote isn't looking to exclude Brits – and there are still heaps of great deals and offers for those who want a sunny getaway to the island. easyJet, TUI and Jet2 all offer budget-friendly breaks to the popular Canaries hotspot, not to mention you can also find cheap flights with the likes of Ryanair.


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