Hotel worker says she always has a checklist when she checks in to a room

When you go on holiday you may stress about packing the right items and remembering your tickets.

But, one hotel worker claims you should also be worrying about the cleanliness of your hotel room – and that she has a checklist she always goes through when she first checks in to a hotel.

Luckily, she's now shared her secrets – including how to ensure you don’t sleep on a bed infested with bed bugs.

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Hotel worker Halee, who posts @Haleewithaflair, explained the checks she always does before using a hotel bed.

In the video clip, she showed a couple waking up in a hotel room covered in scars.

They were caused by bed bugs which bite the skin while you sleep.

Halee posted a video alongside the clip and said: “This is how you should check your hotel room before you even unpack.”

The hotel worker said: “I’ve been working in the hotel industry for 15 years and I own a hotel sales support company.

“This is how I check my rooms before I get unpacked and settled in.”

Halee explained that she carries a torch with her when staying away from home.

She makes sure the room is dark to do her checks.

The TikTok creator said: “Turn off lights, close any shades, and use the flashlight on your phone.”

Then she checks under the bed and in any dark corners of the room as bed bugs like to live in “corners and the creases” of bedclothes.

Halee continued: “The reason you should check your bed with the lights off is because bed bugs are actually nocturnal so they’re more likely to be out and about looking for their prey.”

In case you didn’t realise, you are their prey.

Blood spots on any fabric are also an indicator that bed bugs have made their home in the room.

The hotel worker also said you should do the checks before unpacking your bags or putting them on the bed.

Previously, an expert recommended placing your bags in the bathroom while you do this.

That’s because tiled lavatories are the least likely to have bed bug infestations as there are few fabrics like carpet for them to hide in.

If you put your bag on the bed or unpack the pests might move into your clothes and suitcase and travel home with you.

Halee also recommended checking the mini fridges, curtains and ironing boards for cleanliness.

She added: “I always run my finger over the headboard to check for dust.”


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