‘I’ve met Sticky Vicky and I’m amazed there’s no plaque to say thank you’

Benidorm is well known for its 88p pints and £2.50 fry ups, but alongside bargain booze and beautiful beaches is another cornerstone of the holiday destination’s fame – entertainer Sticky Vicky.

The performer whose real name is Victoria María Aragüés Gadea moved to the town in the 1980s and some residents think she’s to “thank” for making the resort town "Blackpool in the Sun" – and the Daily Star is calling for her to get the recognition she deserves.

The famous dancer, worked as a ballerina for 15 years before turning to a cabaret strip tease career 40 years ago. She went on to make a name for herself that was so big she featured in ITV’s Benidorm (more than once) and even got into a legal battle over her act’s name Sticky Vicky.

Vicky, who also went by Vicky Leyton, claimed her show wasn’t pornographic, but she did go on to shoot objects from her vagina including ping-pong balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, sausages, razor blades and knives. Sadly, she passed away on Wednesday November 29 at the age of 80 from heart failure.

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Now, one business owner in Benidorm is aghast that Sticky Vicky hasn’t been thanked for her contribution to the area’s cultural makeup and entertainment scene. Frank, the Stag Man, puts on stag dos – mostly for British geezers who love the extreme – and he thinks that Sticky Vicky should be remembered in a more permanent way in Benidorm.

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Speaking to Daily Star, he said: "In my opinion, Vicky’s been kind of left out in the cold. That’s why I’ve always been amazed for the 15 years I’ve lived here – and I’ve seen Sticky Vicky shows, the real thing – that just somewhere there hasn't been a little plaque or something in honour, like just to say thank you for everything that she's done.

"I think it'd be a great idea. A fantastic idea. At least put a star somewhere on the ground. Everyone knows she’s amazing. All these hotels are built off the back of the access of Benidorm and the success didn’t come from the sunshine because that’s everywhere."

He argued that Benidorm "was just another coastal town" before the dancer turned illusionist turned up to add some x-rated pizzaz to the place. He added: "Her show in that day and age was just unbelievable."

He added: "She was such an important part of what has grown Benidorm into what it is. Back in the day, it was just another coastal town and there’s hundreds up and down the coast. All the others have sunshine and beaches.

"You’ve got Alicante, the capital, which is huge and has all the resources, it’s beautiful. But, Benidorm came up and the answer is simple – what Benidorm needed all those years ago was something for people to talk about, something that people were going to come and want to see."

Frank, and other locals, want to see the superstar – who even appeared in ITV's Benidorm – get a plaque to memorialise her career in the Spanish town. We happen to agree and you can sign our campaign to get Sticky Vicky her own plaque too.

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