Italy’s new hiking trail winds through 34 miles of beaches, mountains & history

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, many of us are thinking about booking holidays.

And if you’re a fan of adventure and the great outdoors, you should consider putting this Italian hiking trail on your bucket list.

The Kalabria Coast to Coast trail takes travel fans from Soverato on the Ionian Sea to Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This journey spans around 34 miles in total and has a variety of different difficulty levels depending on your fitness.

In the “emotional and sensorial journey” created by the Kalabria Trekking association, hikers can explore different local traditions.

They also pass through stunning landscapes and nearby to historical landmarks like the Norman castle and Byzantine church in Santa Severina.

There are plenty of stunning beaches along the route, which is split into three 12.5 mile main stops.

Hikers can contact Kalabria Trekking volunteers for any advice or assistance during their trips.

They can also get hold of a special passport where they can track each stop with stamps.

In the booklet, travellers are also treated to deals they can apply at nearby restaurants and hotels.

This service is free but contributions are welcomed for those who enjoyed their trips.

Summer holidays from May 17 have been given the official go-ahead, subject to recommendations from the Global Travel Taskforce.

Plans for a traffic light system were submitted by Heathrow Airport – and this could help to distinguish grades of travel restrictions based on Covid threat and new variants.

For example, “green” zones would involve Covid testing, “amber” areas would require three-day quarantine and testing and “red” would warrant arrivals to isolate for 10 days in an authorised hotel at their own expense.

All non-essential overseas travel was banned on January 4 when the UK went into its third Covid-19 lockdown.

But now the UK is focusing on moving forward, following Boris' roadmap to 'normality' which has seen no delays yet.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the public can now "start to think" about foreign holidays this summer.

Asked if people could start to book foreign holidays now, he told Sky News : "I'm not telling people that they shouldn't book summer holidays now, it's the first time that I've been able to say that for many months.

"But I think everybody doing it understands there are risks with coronavirus and of course actually, I think people would want to be clear about which countries are going to be in the different traffic light system.

"So there are only two or three weeks to wait before we publish that list itself. But yes, tentative progress, for the first time, people can start to think about visiting loved ones abroad, or perhaps a summer holiday."

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