Underwear is one of the most forgotten items by Britons when packing for holiday

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Packing for a holiday is an activity that many Britons dread. More than one-third of the country finds packing for a holiday stressful, a new study found.

From trying to fit everything into a carry-on to checking they’ve not forgotten anything, packing can be stressful.

While two-third of Britons overpack when going on holiday, they still forget some very essential items.

Skincare, phone chargers and underwear are the top three items holidaymakers forget.

The oversight can hit Britons’ wallets.

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The TravelSupermarket study found that it costs up to £100 to replace items forgotten at home.

The findings are even more remarkable when they come next to the fact that 92 percent of Britons pack one and a half times what they need for a holiday.

The most forgotten item on the list was skincare.

Skincare was closely followed by phone chargers and, incredibly, clothing (including underwear).

Underwear forgetting Britons are most likely to be women, while men are apparently more likely to forget their passports.

The stress of packing for a holiday is felt all around the country.

However, Liverpool and Belfast residents seem to like packing the less, while holidaymakers in Sheffield are the least likely to stress.

Packing-averse Britons end up having to spend money on their holidays to replace what they have forgotten.

Half of holidaymakers spend £30, with one in ten spending between £50 and £100.

Parents are most likely to spend in the higher bracket, with 88 percent saying they’ve forgotten their children’s nappies, toys and clothes when packing for a holiday.

Forgetting items such as phone chargers and even toothpaste, which came in at number five in the list, is not surprising.

Underwear and nappies, however, may be a bit harder to understand.

The findings prove that it is not at all unusual to forget such staples of daily life.

This may help some Britons feel better about their packing – or lack of – skills.
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