‘Dirty’ UK destination slammed as ‘overcrowded’ with ‘rude people’

London has so many tourist attractions travellers might struggle to tick off everything on one trip. However, they might want to avoid a couple of “chaotic” spots.

Around 30 million tourists visit London every year and a few of the capital’s top tourist attractions tend to get a little crowded.

According to one survey, Buckingham Palace is the most crowded tourist attraction in England with some tourists describing their trip as “chaotic”.

It’s not the only spot in the Big Smoke that’s suffering from overtourism. According to Tripadvisor reviews, Piccadilly Circus is too “overcrowded” for some tourists.

A tourist from the USA ‘Evlengr’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Dirty and overcrowded. Not how it was six years ago on my last visit. People have become very rude!”

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Another tourist ‘Scott M’ said: “Poor experience. I was walking through London and had a couple of hours to kill and stumbled through Piccadilly Circus.

“To be honest, it’s full of traffic, full of people and not really a lot to see. Always think of iconic London landmarks but in reality most are better off staying in your head.”

‘Amanda C’ wrote: “Very touristy. We walked through a couple of times. It’s very similar to Times Square and just as touristy. Good to see once maybe, but I wouldn’t go back.”

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A few tourists posted tongue-in-cheek negative reviews, expressing their disappointment that there wasn’t actually a circus at Piccadilly Circus. The famous road junction actually takes its name from the Latin word for circle.

A major hub, Piccadilly Circus connects Picadilly, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and the Haymarket. It’s famous for its projected neon signs.

Tourists will also find some of London’s top shopping destinations in the area, including Lillywhites sporting goods and the Fortnum & Mason department store.

Not everyone was disappointed by Piccadilly Circus and one tourist said they thought the hub represented “the soul of London”.

Tourists looking to get off the beaten track could check out one of London’s hidden gems, including a free Roman Amphitheatre that even most Londoners don’t know about.

It’s not just the UK that’s struggling to cope with overtourism. The world’s most beautiful village is extremely crowded and Barcelona’s top attractions are also teeming with tourists.

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