Inside London’s karaoke pods where you can do shots and unleash your inner diva

If you were out in London Liverpool Street this week, you may have heard the sound of cats being strangled.

But before you call the RSPCA, you'll be pleased to know it was just Daily Star reporters out doing karaoke.

We headed down to Lucky Voice's new venue in Devonshire Square to unleash our inner pop divas.

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After walking down a rainbow corridor, our host led us into one of the nine private karaoke pods.

They whizzed us through how to use the handy screens, which allow you to pick songs and order from the menu.

There's a whopping 11,000 songs in the catalogue – from show tunes to rock anthems and power ballads.

Then when it comes to food and drink, pizzas and bespoke cocktails are a must.

After a few glasses of Prosecco, and house shots for some extra Dutch courage, it was time to take to the floor.

There are two microphones so you don't have to sing on your own if you're feeling shy.

And if you want a group rendition, you can gather round the mics and belt out the words to your hearts content.

We started by partying in the USA to a bit of Miley, before attempting to rap like Eminem and bust out moves like Tina Turner.

At one point, a staff member popped his head round the door to tell us we could turn up the backing track up if we wanted to.

But to our credit, he said he'd "heard a lot worse" in his time. What a compliment.

Be sure to pick your final song before the time is up – which in our case was Bohemian Rhapsody.

Freddie was probably turning in his grave at the drunken rendition, but he wouldn't be able to fault our efforts.

We won't be quitting journalism to become professional singers any time soon – but we'd thoroughly recommend the experience either way.

You can pop in after work for a quick karaoke sesh, head there for a hen do or stay out singing until the early hours.

Prices start at £8 per person off peak for a two hour session.

Lucky Voice Liverpool Street is open from 3pm to 1am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. Then for the rest of the week, it's open until 2:30am.

For more information on booking, visit the Lucky Voice website here.


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