Inside Bali ‘ghost palace’ where tourists see figures and tropical air goes cold

Dark tourism is growing in popularity as people travel to spot macabre and creepy landmarks.

And, a hotel in tropical hotspot Bali has gained attention recently thanks to its reputation as a haunted attraction.

While most visitors to the Indonesian paradise indulge in massages, delicious food and beautiful beaches others are looking to connect with the spirit world.

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Superstitious locals believe that the “ghost palace” located in Bedugal has attracted ghostly visitors after being abandoned before ever taking in a single guest.

The eerie Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort was built to host holidaymakers with balconies, winding staircases and areas with stunning views of the surrounding area.

But, it closed on the evening of its grand opening and never became available for the public to book.

Some suggest the hotel was developed by Indonesian President Suharto’s son Tommy and was shut down following him being jailed in 2002, reports

Though this theory is entirely unconfirmed.

And, locals have whispered about constructions workers passing away during the resorts building – another unconfirmed rumour.

They believe the ghosts of those who died haunt the palace.

And, others say that the palace was doomed after the businessman behind the venture was cursed.

A pair of Australian tourists recently shared snaps inside the once luxurious palace that is now overgrown and open to the elements.

They claim to have seen a “figure” and wrote on Facebook: “My mum and I were standing at the top of the stairs and I called out to see if I would get a response.

“We both heard a disembodied voice and the air went very cold.”

She also posted an image of a figure that seemed to reach out to those exploring the property.

They added: “It’s definitely haunted and beautiful inside, and there’s lots of stains. Well worth going there.”

And, another holidaymaker said: “When my daughter and myself went there my camera started going off by itself.

“We also both thought we heard our driver calling for us, but when we asked him he told us he hadn’t.”


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